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A meal on wheels is an old story now. Have you ever heard about a soirée on wheels?

Just booking a place to organize an event is outdated. Think of hiring a bus and having a glam party in it with all your guests while you reach to your venue. This is certainly in trend now.

Being surrounded with your loved ones while you’re celebrating doubles up the happiness. Surely, your guests can reach the destination on their own, but there is a different level of excitement and joy when you’re all together. You can have a mini-party while you are still traveling to your destination. The memories you make on the go would be more precious than those you create at the venue. You would cherish the latter ones for a lifetime. Most of us plan to hire a bus for transfer to booze. We at on time private transfers help you with something more than just boozing. Here in this article, we bring to you a list of on bus party ideas to double up your enjoyment en route.


1) Party on the go and pimp it up

Load on your bus with balloons, flowers or banners. Choose whatever you can think of. Buy funky props to get clicked. Decide a theme and communicate it to everyone. Make arrangement for booze along with and you are all set to go. Create a playlist of the best songs and have a fab party.

Remember do not load too much on to the bus. You might not feel like doing all the cleaning later.

You can choose from a classic 1980s style to a Hawaiian or a PJ party when it comes to deciding upon a theme.


2) Sing & Shake a leg

Karaoke is certainly the most known of all. No party is complete without your gang singing and shaking a leg at some of your favorite beats. Let your gang compete amongst themselves. Have a singing or a dancing face-off. Cheer your favorite team and let the game begin!


3) Find the treasure

A woman is known to carry a fortune or an entire closet with her when she travels. Turn her bag into a treasure. Organize a treasure hunt for the possible items you can find in a women’s bag. The team that finds the maximum number of items is on the roll.


4) No party is complete without cards

We all love playing cards. Poker does not come that handy. You can always play a deck of cards or
UNO while you’re traveling. They will be easy to manage inside the bus as well.


5) Who knows you better?

This is played like a rapid fire. A list of few questions will be asked and answered from and by the teams to discover the name of the person being talked about. This is a group game and will have everyone involved. Make sure you have lost of all the guests on board to make the game more interesting.


6) Chinese whisper

We all must have played this game when we were kids. Whisper a sentence or a word into a person’s ears and he will repeat the same to the person sitting next to him and the chain continues. The game would be more hilarious when you are drunk.


7) Be your own DJ

Don’t kill the party vibes with boring music. Decide and play songs that would lift everyone’s mood up.


8) Break the ice with head’s up

Have everyone downloaded the Head’s up to the game on their tablet. You’ll have to keep the tablet on your head and perform silly tasks like mimicry to acting or singing to make your team guess the word. You can break the silence with this.

To enjoy your rides, Book a transfer with us and we’ll have you all sorted. You’ll have the experience to die for. You’ll cherish it for a lifetime. Count on us and click the book a transfer now.